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  • OrCAD Capture CIS (Electronic Schematic design software)

  • Introduction to OrCAD Capture

  • Introduction to component database

  • How to place the parts in the design

  • Connecting the parts with wire, bus, net alias and power symbol in the design

  • How to modify the properties of the parts (Property Editor)

  • How to edit the physical appearance of the parts (Part Editor)

  • How to create a new library

  • How to create a new part

  • How to work in Multi sheet projects

  • How to make connectivity between schematic pages

  • Design Processing (Annotate, Back Annotate, DRC, Create Netlist, Cross reference parts and BOM)

  • Inter tool communication (ITC)

  • OrCAD Layout Plus (Printed circuit board designing software)

  • Transferring capture file to a board file

  • How to create customized Footprint

  • How to create a new board file

  • How to assign number of layers for routing (X section)

  • Component placement (Manual and Auto)

  • Setting up the design constraints (Constraint manager)

  • Routing the design (Manual and Auto)

  • Routing and placing techniques

  • Back Annotation

  • How to generate the artwork file (Manufacturing Process)

  • PCB etching methods